Pregnant Women

Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience if good care is taken. Eating healthy and the right amount of calories and intake of proteins help you and your baby gain the required amount of weight. 

Pregnant Women
Increase the odds of a healthy pregnancy by following these tips:
  • Don’t forget breakfast: Try cooked breakfast cereals with fruit. Cereals have added nutrients such as calcium. If you are feeling sick, try eating toast made out of whole wheat bread.
  • Eat foods with fiber: Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, like carrot, cooked greens, bananas, melons. Eat brown rice with plenty of beans and whole grains. Try oatmeal.
  • Eat healthy snacks: Avoid oily and spicy snacks. Eat fat-free snacks. Avoid junk food.
  • Avoid sea-food: a substance that builds up in a fish is said to harm an unborn baby.
  • Exercise: Exercise is the most important factor for your general health. Exercise can also help reduce stress. Walk at least for fifteen to twenty minutes every day at the same pace. Walk in cool and shaded areas to prevent overheating. If you were physically active before pregnancy, you might not change your exercise habits. Consult the doctor to change your exercise during pregnancy.
  • Get adequate sleep: A sleeping duration of at least 8 hours a night is recommended. If you are suffering from sleeping deprivation, take naps during the day. If insomnia persists, consult your doctor.
  • Get enough fluid: Getting enough nutritional fluids is important during pregnancy to stay hydrated.
  • Gaining too much weight: Excessive body weight might increase the risks of pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes, stillbirth, and cesarean delivery. Underweight is still an issue for pregnant women and should gain approximately 28 to 40 pounds depending on the height.
  • Avoid ultrasound during the last month: Ultrasound testing was done during the last month of pregnancy usually illustrates macrosomia which may infuse unnecessary fear in the minds of doctors.
  • Regular perineal massages: After the seventh month of pregnancy, you need to have regular perineal massages. It helps reduce stress and lessens joint pains and muscular tensions.
  • Other tips:
Don’t take any kind of medications or herbal remedies without the consultation of your doctor.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and put your feet up to prevent fatigue and swelling of ankles and feet. Massage your feet gently.
  • To prevent heartburn, do not eat a large amount of spicy, acidic, or fried foods. Sleep with your head elevated on pillows.
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Don’t expose yourself to second-hand smoking.
  • Eat five or six well-balanced meals each day.
  • Enjoy every moment of the pregnancy-hood and be mentally prepared to be a loving mother. When you are happy serotonin hormone is released, which eliminates the feeling of anxiety and worry.